~Vintage Movies~

Why do I like old things? Maybe I’m just oldschool. I think I would have fit right in if I were born 50 years prior to when I was in the 60’s.

Some of my favorite old movies are (in no particular order):

  • Casablanca
  • King Kong vs Godzilla (either version Japanese or American with Eric Carter)
  • Laurence of Arabia
  • Run Silent, Run Deep
  • King Kong
  • Gojira (Godzilla 1954)
  • The Green Berets
  • Creature from the Black Lagoon
  • Day of the Triphods
  • Abbott & Costello meet the (insert monster of choice)
  • Gamera
  • Monster Zero
  • Destroy All Monsters
  • Planet of the Apes (all)
  • Bridge over the river Kwai
  • Tora Tora Tora
  • ANY Ray Harryhausen movies

I’m realising there are too many to continue. I’ll have to break these down into categories.

The 4:30 Movie is one of my fondest memories from my childhood. My brothers & I would race home after school to watch these. They would be categorized as “Monster Week” “John Wayne Week”, “Planet of the Apes Week”, etc..

Closing Day

Today Lisa, our daughter & I closed on our new home! Built in 1945, our ‘new’ home is a Capecod which has been completely remodeled in & out. Yeah, it’s not a b&b but someday we’ll follow through on our dream.

20160531_142557[1] We’re really happy with this house. It’s in a great neighborhood, has a great backyard for the dogs, a finished basement, a nice screened in porch, beautiful kitchen with a chandelier, stainless appliances & modern features, a fireplace 4 bedrooms & 2 really nice bathrooms and a patio & deck.

On to Lynchburg

During one of our trips Lisa noticed a scary mannequin in an abandoned house along route 58. In a subsequent trip I managed to get a picture of it after holding my phone ready for over 10 miles waiting. It’s on the left going from South Boston to Emporia & It’s quite creepy & hilarious at the same time.


In our search for a new home we visited Lynchburg. The more we saw, the more we liked. Lynchburg has a good vibe, history, several historical districts, colleges, jobs & less crime than previous places we considered.

We stayed in B&B’s , shopped at local farmers markets, toured old houses with realtors & decided this was to be our new hometown. Our criteria for house hunting consisted of the following requirements; off street parking, old/historical, a configuration able to have an Inn & owner’s quarters & for it to be at least 4,000 sq ft.

Everything we found seemed to lack one of the above until we found a grand old house lived in by Thomas Jefferson’s Great Granddaughter. Built in the 1850’s it had 6 bedrooms, an apartment, 7 gables on the roof & off street parking. We made an offer but after the inspection we backed out as it needed a lot of work on the hidden gutters & the walls which were damaged from the bad gutters… Back to our search..

This was back in November of 2016. I had already committed to a job in Lynchburg & our house was sold in Chesapeake. We were then forced to rent so that we wouldn’t make a rash decision. After we moved Lisa & I got settled in to our new jobs and we continued our search for a house.

I discovered that the area has several trail systems for hiking & biking. Some of these are from reclaimed railroad tracks & one even tunnels through a hill & over a river.


House hunting

Lisa & I started our house hunting foray back in August of 2015. We knew we wanted a house in an historic district & were looking in Danville. The reason for this was a recent trip through the area by Lisa which resulted in a stay at one of Danville’s bed & breakfasts. She learned that it was for sale & we made a return trip back to the b&b to stay a night & talk with the owners… Ultimately we passed on that b&b when they wouldn’t show their books (red flag). Danville has a bunch of cool old historic houses we found out so we kept looking there.


An early contender was a 125 year old, 5,400 sq ft house on Holbrook ave. We really liked it & plan on eventually opening a bed & breakfast. The more we learned of the area, though, the more we decided to continue exploring..

The following 2 photos are of a (huge) attic in Lynchburg & the view from a window in that attic. For perspective there’s a regular sized refrigerator on the left of the attic picture.


The ladder went up to a hatch which you could access the roof from. It was like a submarine hatch & had a spectacular view of the city & mountains.



     Another area we looked at was Petersburg which also had an historic district.

While there we stumbled upon The Hiram Haines Coffee House which was actually for sale.

While it wasn’t open, the owner saw us looking in & gave us an impromptu tour.

Being a fan of both Poe & coffee houses made us briefly contemplate buying the place.


The above photo was an ally between the 2 buildings. The owers incorporated it into the coffee house. See the raven in the above & below pictures?


But, again, the more we learned of this area the more we kept looking.

Vintagey findings

  • vintage

    noun vin·tage \ˈvin-tij\

    • the grapes or wine produced during one season
    • a period in which something was made or was begun
    • of old, recognized, and enduring interest, importance, or quality
    • dating from the past 


    A native English suffix of adjectives meaning “characterized by or inclined to” the substance or action of the word or stem to which the suffix is attached: juicy; grouchy; rumbly; dreamy. Sometimes used to mean “allowing, fostering, or bringing about” the specified action.

    • of old, recognized, and enduring interest, importance, or quality
    • dating from the past 

    Slang definitions & phrases for -y


    used to form adjectives having the quality indicated: comfy/ funny/ swanky

    Source: Merriam-Webster’s Learner’s Dictionary


    When discussing finding some vintage items that are authentic vintage, not modern replicas of vintage pieces.

    I found this awesome bracelet, it looks like one my grandmother had. It is so vintagey.

    Source: Urban Dictionary